Supply ventilator system installed in premises with high requirements to clean air and the noise level

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The supply ventilator casing is made of polymer-coated steel, internally filled with sound insulating layer. Internal airtight terminal box for power supply. Easy access for filter maintenance.

Iso Box-F ES Series: Four-pole asynchronous motor with external rotor and centrifugal impeller with forward curved blades. Iso Box-F V2 / Iso Box-F ES V2 Series: Two speed asynchronous motor with external rotor and centrifugal impeller with forward curved blades. The supply ventilator is equipped with ball bearings for longer service life. Integrated thermal protection with automatic restart. Dynamically balanced turbine.

Built-in filters provide efficient air filtration. Up to three filters can be installed into the fan. MERV8 (G4) filter provides primary filtration. At the second stage, the secondary filter MERV14 (F8) or HEPA filter H13 (HEPA type C) can be installed. MERV14(F8) filter arrests up to 98% of PM2.5 dust particles. HEPA Filter H13 (HEPA Type C) arrest up to 99% of PM2.5 dust particles, pollen, and bacteria. For additional removal of odors and gases, a carbon filter can be installed. Quick access to replaceable filters through service panel.

The ISO BOX ES is equipped with an electrostatic filter that filters air from fine dust and soot, spray, smoke, and other the size of 0.01 microns and less. Max filter cleaning efficiency 98%. The electrostatic filters rely on gravity of oppositely charged polluted air stream flows through the spray charging unit ionization. Ionized particles are moved by the air stream and on the collecting plates which are oppositely charged. The filter cleaning interval depends on the inlet air pollution density and may vary from 7 up to 21 days. The filter cleaning interval is determined by the visual inspection of the filters. Vacuum cleaning is allowed.

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