Range of standard & customizable commercial ventilator ERV/HRV units with air-flow capacity up to 75,000 CFM and heat recovery efficiency up to 94%

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  • Commercial Ventilator with counter flow aluminum plate heat exchanger or rotary heat exchanger class H1 (DIN En 13053)
  • High-efficiency EC fans, backward-curved, external rotor
  • Integrated automatic dampers
  • Integrated “plug-&-play” controls
  • Automatic full-size bypass
  • Insulated double-skin frameless casing
  • ECO-Design ’18 compliant
  • Web-interface, MODBUS, outputs for optional DX or Hydronic cooling/heating
  • Complete set of accessories: silencers, VAV, CAV, etc
  • Operation by RH/C02/temperature /constant pressure/timer schedule
  • Multistage air handling unit with outdoor installation and mounting kit (optional)

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  • Supplied units come with Plug-&-Play control system based on Carel programmable controller
  • Plug-&-Play control system is fitted with Carel th-Tune control panel, which ensures basic setting option sand has user friendly interface. Carel PGDe extended control panel may be fitted on request, and provides more flexibility and sophisticated control adjustments.

Rotary Heat recovery core is made of two types of material:

  • Sensible type (standard)
  • Enthalpy type Hygroscopic coating is applied on tape, providing additional latent heat transfer from one stream to another. This feature is especially useful when using a rotor in hot and humid areas in conjunction with air conditioning system. The advantages are: high efficiency, keeping comfortable humidity, and low risk of freezing.
  • Double-deck units 800-3500 CFM, 1500-6000 m3/h
  • Low-footprint units with vertical outlets 800-2000 CFM, 1500-35000 m3/h
  • Ceiling-mounted units 800-2000 CFM, 1500-3500 m3/h

Energy & Heat Recovery Ventilators provide buildings with the best possible balance of energy efficiency air quality and comfort (humidity), Blauberg offers standard air handling units with simplified on-site installation and proven, tested performance. Our air handler solutions deal with such issues as temperature, humidity, pressure control, energy recovery, and air filtration.

Frameless casing design excludes thermal bridges, usual for aluminum or steel frame. This significantly reduces thermal resistance and heat loss, especially for outdoor installation. It also prevents condensation on the surface when air cooling is on. Casing is made of zinc-aluminum coated sheet steel heat- and sound- insulated with 1 9/16″ mineral wool layer for sound reduction.

Benefits of frameless casing:

Better thermal resistance. Lower weight of the unit. No thermal bridges. Suitable for outdoor installation in cold climate. High mechanical strength.