Single-room heat recovery ventilator unit with air-flow capacity up to 88 CFM and heat recovery efficiency up to 79%

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Single room heat recovery units with air flow up to 88 CFM. High efficient EC fans. Integrated PM2.5 air quality sensor. Two integrated supply air filters with MERV8 and MERV14 filtration ensure air filtration up to 99%. Air recirculation provides additional air filtration. H11 filter is optionally available. Balanced energy saving single room ventilation of apartments, residential houses, public and commercial buildings. Ideal ventilation solution for existing and renovated premises. Controllable air exchange provides individual microclimate.

The supply and recirculated air flows are filtered with the MERV8 and MERV14 panel filters. To meet more stringent air purity requirements the MERV14 filter can be replaced with an H11 (PM2.5 > 95%). *purchased separately* Extract air is filtered with the MERV8 panel filter.

The cold outdoor air passes through the filters and the heat recovery core, then is delivered to the serviced space by the supply centrifugal fan. Warm stale air from indoors passes through the filter and the heat recovery core, and then is discharged outdoors by the centrifugal fan. The supply and exhaust air flows are fully separated which helps eliminate the possibly of odor or microbial transfer between the streams.

The supply and exhaust air dampers are closed, and the recirculation damper is open. Then the room air circulates through the filters and is returned to the room purified.

Functions- Speed switch operation mode selection: heat recovery, recirculation, auto filter replacement indicator, Condensate indicator, Child lock. Auto mode: the units are equipped with a PM2.5 sensor. The PM2.5 sensor triggers if air pollution exceeds the set level. The recirculation damper closes and the extract air flows through the filters one again and then it is supplied to the room again.

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