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This is a series of single room ductless energy-saving ventilators that provide a healthy microclimate in the home. You can control the units from anywhere in the apartment because of the WiFi capabilities that the VENTO Expert A50-1 W and VENTO Expert DUO A30-1 W have.

The filters have antibacterial coating, pre-cleaning the incoming air from dust and other harmful substances. This is very important, because the air that enters the home naturally, contains dust, exhaust gases, as well as various bacteria.

VENTO units are one of a kind product. They are mounted directly into the outer wall of the building, therefore there is no need to install the duct system. The process of installation does not require special knowledge and tools.

Ventilators of the series are equipped with EC-motors, which consume 1.5 to 3 times less energy than standard motors.

Units can be used in the renovation, or in design builds for promotion of a ventilation systems “energy-saving home”.

The FRESHBOX 100 is designed for the ductless ventilation of social or commercial premises but may also be used in private houses and apartments. The operation of several such units will provide an air exchange system in your home or an office.

These recovery ventilators are equipped with EC motors, and its operation demonstrates high efficiency with low power consumption.

The units contribute to this energy savings using recovery technology of the home. In the winter, some of the heat (up to 96%) of the exhaust air is transferred to the supply air; in the summer, the exhaust air cools the warm air from the street.

FRESHBOX 100 – are heat recovery units (what is an HRV?) equipped with plate heat exchangers made of polystyrene, and the modification of FRESHBOX 100 ERV – are energy recovery units (what is an ERV?) equipped with enthalpy heat exchangers.

Energy recovery ventilators, FRESHBOX 100 ERV’s transfer not only heat but also moisture. In the summer, the recuperator cools and drains the supply air, in the winter it warms and moisturizes.

To protect the premises from dust and other harmful substances, FRESHBOX 100 are equipped with MERV8 and MERV14 filters. If necessary, MERV14 filters can be replaced with HEPA, for even more effective air cleaning.

The high-tech CIVIC EC series units are designed specifically for ductless commercial and social spaces with special noise requirements, such as a classroom, library or conference room.

These high-performance units are powerful – up to 341 CFM, while modern soundproofing technologies make their work almost silent – from 22 to 35 dBA.

CIVIC EC – heat recovery ventilators, which make our homes even more energy efficient. Thanks to recuperators, heat exchange occurs between the intake and exhaust streams. In the winter, warm exhaust air gives off some of its heat to the supply air, and in the summer, the cooled exhaust air transfers part of the cold to the supply air. This significantly minimizes heat loss and energy costs.

CIVIC EC LB and CIVIC EC DB are equipped with plate counter-flow heat exchangers made of polystyrene, and the CIVIC EC LBE and CIVIC EC DBE models with recuperators made of an enthalpy membrane that returns heat and moisture from the exhaust air do not generate condensate during operation.

High performance and minimal power consumption are provided by high efficient EC motors.

Another advantage of the unit is simple installation, which does not require the installation of a duct system, which allows the CIVIC EC to be used in ready-made rooms.

Installations are equipped with a special air damper, which protects the fan and the room from drafts or ingress of water.


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