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BlauAIR is a multifunctional air handling unit that provides energy efficient commercial ventilation, the best comfort, and the best microclimate in shopping centers, businesses, or other large facilities. The unit’s main function is to maintain temperature, humidity, energy recovery, and air filtration in these large premises.

The operation of the air-recovery system is very important in any room, especially if it is a large commercial, civil, or industrial facility with a significant number of people, because it is about health, safety, and comfort. Sophisticated and high-tech ventilation equipment is required for these such facilities.

Today, the main issue of creating a healthy microclimate, and ventilation is particularly acute, especially in a city or industrial center. A complex ventilation solution is needed that allows creating a multifunctional and efficient commercial ventilation system.

That’s where our BlauAIR comes in.

Our commercial ventilator, BlauAIR, has a wide scope of applications, it is intended for large offices, banking institutions, exhibition centers, hotels, production facilities, warehouses, supermarkets, cinemas, sports halls, and other large premises. They can be both inside or outside, wherever the need for a commercial air handling unit is necessary.

All BlauAIR pass multi-stage testing in our testing laboratories and are high-quality modern energy-saving units that meet the requirements of the modern market.

Our BlauAIR’s are unique as Blauberg has the capability to produce customized units as powerful as 75,000 CFM. The BlauAIR can be equipped with a heat recovery ventilator (What is an HRV?) (What is an ERV?) as well, which uses the heat of the exhaust air to heat the supply air at no additional cost. Also, in the unit is an energy recovery ventilator, which returns not only the heat of the exhaust air, but also the moisture contained in it as well. This ensures operation without moisture condensation, even at negative temperature values, as well as high energy efficiency.

The special design of the casing, which is made of zinc-aluminium with 40 mm of thermal and acoustic insulation made of mineral wool, reduces heat loss, and eliminates thermal bridges and condensation on the surface during air cooling, which is especially important if the unit is installed outside the building.

How do you control and maintain these units?Why

BlauAIR is convenient in maintenance and management, it is equipped with a modern control “Plug & Play” system based on a programmable Carel controller. The basic parameters are set remotely via a remote-control panel with a user-friendly interface. With the help of a smart system, temperature control, pressure control, maintenance, airflow, humidity (with additional sensors), air quality control (with CO2 / IAQ sensors), enabling “free-cooling” or “free-heating” modes are possible. The standard outputs of the controller allow the connection of additional sensors.

You can select the necessary BlauAIR model and order the installation directly on the company’s website here. Also, you can schedule a call with a qualified consultant who will contact you and acquaint you with the solutions available, as well as give recommendations on equipment selection.