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Let’s start with the acronym. HRV stands for Heat Recovery Ventilation.

A Blauberg HRV provides fresh healthy pre-heated air in the most energy efficient way possible. Our systems can provide up to 98% heat recovery.

HRV’s operate similarly to ERV’s (What is an ERV?) except HRV’s retain a higher percentage of the temperature, while not retaining humidity. Our HRV’s consist of two air ducts: one that supplies fresh air in, and on that extracts warm stale air out of the premises. In the process of extraction, the warm air heats our core, so that when the supply air is filtered in, it retains a high percentage of the temperature being extracted.

For single room units like our Vento Series. The built-in ceramic core is heated from the extraction of stale warm air, which is recovered to heat the incoming supply air stream.

For our residential units, we have two types of heat recovery cores. Our counter-flow polystyrene core functions as described above, while collecting condensate into a drain pan. Whenever heat recovery is not required, the heat recovery core can be easily replaced by a “summer” core. Systems that have both heat & energy recovery will have our enthalpy membrane heat recovery core, that will recover heat and humidity. Due to humidity recovery the enthalpy heat recover core produces no condensate.

Why you should choose a BlauAIR for your next commercial project. 

  • Taking the strain off of your home HVAC systems, and provide cost savings in cool climates.
  • Incoming fresh air is not contaminated by exhaust air.
  • Remove stuffy air in rooms with limited air flow and provide fresh warm air to these premises.
  • Transfer waste exhaust heat into the incoming fresh air.
  • Save up to 5 times more energy than it costs to run.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by recycling energy.


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