FRESHBOX 100 WiFi - Ductless Single Room ERV & HRV

Ductless single-room ERV or HRV unit with air-flow capacity up to 59 CFM and heat recovery efficiency up to 96%

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Ductless single room ERV & HRV solution for efficient supply and exhaust ventilation of enclosed spaces. Low-energy EC fans. Silent operation. Supply air purification ensured by two built-in MERV8 and MERV14 filters (optional HEPA filter). Upgradable with an exhaust duct to provide air extraction from the bathroom. Easy installation. Compact size.

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Polymer coated metal casing decorated with an acrylic front panel. Heat and noise insulation is ensured by a layer of 10 mm cellular synthetic rubber. The front panel provides convenient access for filter maintenance, and has a lock for extra security. The unit has two (o/)3 15/16″ pipes for fresh air intake, and stale air extraction outside. The third (0/)3 15/16″ pipe (included in the scope of delivery) can be additionally fitted to the unit to connect the exhaust air duct from the bathroom.

The units feature efficient electronically commutated (EC) motors with an external rotor and impellers with forward curved blades. These-state-of-the-art motors are the most advanced solution in energy efficiency today. EC motors are characterized with high performance and optimum control across the entire speed range. In addition to that the efficiency of electronically commutated motors reach very impressive levels up to 90%.

The unit is equipped with supply and exhaust air dampers that will activate automatically to prevent drafts while the unit is off.

Supply air cleaning is provided by the MERV8 and MERV14 panel filters (PM2.5 > 75%). To meet more stringent air purity requirements the MERV14 filter can be replaced with a HEPA filter type C (PM2.5 > 95%)(purchased separately). Exhaust air is cleaned by the panel filter MERV8.

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