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Let’s start with the acronym. ERV stands for Energy Recovery Ventilation.

A Blauberg ERV, similar to an HRV (What is an HRV?), provides fresh healthy air in the most energy efficient way possible, taking the strain off of your home HVAC system. Our unique static plate core positively separates exhaust and fresh air streams, transferring temperature and humidity between the two air streams as it enters your home. 

In the summer, fresh warm humid outside air is precooled and dehumidified by the air-conditioned interior air. In the winter, that means the fresh cold dry outside air is preheated and humidified by the outgoing warm interior air. 

No matter what the season, the polluted air goes out, and fresh air and energy savings stay in. Every breath is a breath of fresh air, without sacrificing the energy efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system.

Why you should choose a Blauberg BlauAIR for your next commercial project.

  • The number one benefit of an ERV is extending the life of your HVAC systems.
  • Improved respiration for asthma and like illnesses.
  • Filtered and removal of allergens, and other toxins from your home.
  • An ERV unit is most useful in climates with extreme weather; humid, hot summers, and cold, dry winters.
  • In the summer, an ERV will reduce humidity in the home, which helps prevent mold growth and keeps the air fresh.
  • In the winter, an ERV will allow the air in your home to retain some moisture.


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