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Today great attention is devoted to the Energy and Ecology Saving motion called “The Green Technologies” all over the world, especially in Europe (Ecodesign Regulations), North America, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Governments promote & stimulate all kinds of energy saving techs implementation and release different legislative acts for energy consumption and CO2 emitting reduction. All construction companies are now obliged to use the efficient and safe materials & parts on all the project stages.

The ventilation industry is no different. Blauberg develops EC-fans, the leading state-of-art technology implemented by most end users. Following the green techs, abiding by their regulations, and gaining the constructors’ and customers’ costs saving needs is how EC-fan technology has advanced over the past few years.

Blauberg develops and invests a lot into the green techs trend: over 12 EC-fan ranges are already developed to meet the market demand. We aspire EC-tech spreading all over  the world making it easier to be reached by any customer.

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EC-fans are up to 30% more efficient than AC-fans and the most efficient while partly loaded

EC motor efficiency ranges between 80% and 90%. To put this into perspective, a three phase induction motors maximum efficiency is at 75%, and PSC (permanent split capacitor) motors have a maximum efficiency of between 60% and 70%. By using an EC motor the payback is instant and can provide cost effective savings over its lifetime. You can see the example of efficiency and energy saving features demonstrated here.

EC-fans have a longer lifespan

EC motors’ high efficiency also means that the motors run “cool”, and dramatically reduce the amount of waste heat produced. Reduced waste heat at the evaporator motor level also typically results in reduced operation at the compressor level, which allows further energy savings. Further, running cooler improves the life of highly loaded motor parts like windings and bearings.

EC-fans have a wider operating range

EC motors also have a wider operating range than traditional induction motors, which means that one ECM motor can replace a number of induction motor models. In this case, the number of models required by a typical customer is significantly decreased, which decreases and simplifies inventory. This is the main reason why ECM product lines usually include less motor models than their induction.counterparts.

EC-fans are easily controllable (0-10 V)

In terms of speed control and features, because the motor’s operation is controlled by software, EC motors allow customers to optimize and integrate the motor, fan and controller with the application, and to include features like data communications, constant volume control, variable speed, etc.

EC-fans require less maintenance

EC-motors run “cool”, and dramatically reduce the amount of waste heat produced, which allows a longer design life and require less maintenance.

Blauberg manufactures EC motors “in-house” (by German company that belongs is a part of the Blauberg Group) and is developing this technology with the goal of popularizing this technology and make it really affordable for the world’s markets.

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