Residential ERV/HRV suspended ventilator units with air-flow capacity up to 260 CFM and SRE up to 81%

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To protect the energy recovery core of the heat recovery ventilator/energy recovery ventilator humidity unit, the electronic freezing protection system is applied. It switches the supply fan off as the temperature sensor requires. Warm extract air defrosts the heat recovery core, then the supply fan switches on and the ventilator continuous operation under rated conditions.

Washable MERV6 air filters in exhaust and supply air streams. Optional supply: anti grease aluminum filter.

Specially designed polymer enthapic core provides energy recovery.

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German made high-efficient motor combined with backward inclined impeller delivers exceptionally powerful airflow and high static pressure. Built-in thermal overheating protection with automatic restart makes the motor operation secure and reliable. Permanently lubricated ball bearings inside the motor provide long (40,000 hours) trouble-and maintenance-free operation.

The ventilator is equipped with 3-step switch on its side panel to choose; STANDBY, LOW, or MEDIUM mode for continuous operation. The unit can be equipped with a wide range of additional controls to switch boost on demand.

The heat recovery/energy recovery humidity ventilator unit is equipped with supply and exhaust centrifugal fans with backward inclined blades, and built-in thermal overheating protection with automatic restart. The electric motors and the impellers are dynamically balanced in two planes.


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